Pallet Boxes

We offer a wide range of Pallet types for the heavier weight objects. We have a wide range of suitable options that we can tailor to the specific needs of your products and the customers you are working with.

Corrugated pallets are environmentally safe, clean and contain no nails or splinters to damage the product or the handler. Corrugated pallets reduce shipping costs and are easier to handle as compared to heavier, less efficient wood pallets and are 100% recyclable.

Pallet Boxes

Corrugated cardboard pallet packs can be good for export packing, shipping material between factories or having a re-uasable corrugated cardboard pallet pack. The corrugated cardboard pallet packs to increase their strength can come with a plywood fold down sleeve, or we can attach timber posts to the corners of the sleeve to enable the corrugated cardboard pallet packs to be stacked up to four high.

A corrugated cardboard pallet base can also be made, which is especially useful when coming to dispose of the pallet pack once it has reached its destination.

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